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WOW Comfort - So comfortable, everyone should try it

Try My Bra: Check out our WOW Comfort movie to follow our truly comfortable heroine on a mission to make sure everyone (really EVERYONE!) experiences how comfortable our new bra innovation is.

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Welcome to the comfort democracy

Comfort is now more important than ever

And it’s as much about attitude as it is about what we wear. 

The rise of athleisure-wear and loungewear means we no longer have to suffer for style, as women opt for clothing as comfortable as they are. 

Our modern female heroes have nothing to prove; they are appreciated for their comfort and humour; they are even more powerful because they are comfortable in their own skin, and how they present themselves. Let’s celebrate true comfort!

Our Innovation

FlexiMesh Technology for faultless, flexible support without the use of constricting underwires

Following our unrivalled “comfort first” design approach and commitment to perfection and innovation we fine-tuned all the components of a bra cup for faultless, flexible support without the use of constricting underwires: Innovative FlexiMesh Technology replaces the usual metal underwire with a revolutionary, ergonomically shaped, 2cm width mesh material exclusive to sloggi.

The mesh distributes pressure evenly over a wider area to give perfectly comfortable support that adapts to individual shape up to D cup.

Making Wow Comfort not only incredibly comfortable to wear, but to handle, too, the entire collection is machine washable up to 40 degrees.

Rose Tendre and Corinthian Blue are the Spring/Summer 2017 seasonal shades.

Shop the looks now

We of course offer all your matching brief essentials – Mini, Tai, Hipster and Midi.

Basic colours are Beige, New Beige and Black.

The new Wow Comfort series features a T-shirt and Push-up bra.