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Aqua Romance

Handcrafted micro pattern

Aqua Romance glows in rich blue with bright highlights in a beautiful micro pattern where ancient tiles and ceramic ornamentation are interpreted in a new and modern way.
Superior Eurojersey Sensitive® fabric dries quickly and is resistant to chlorine, salt, water and UV rays, keeping its shape as well as the outstandingly brilliant colours.

Oh and don't forget to have a look at Aqua Essentials, the perfect one-coloured mix and match series complementing Aqua Romance!

Raspberry Sweets

Summer pinks
Raspberry Sweets comes in pretty shades of summery pinks and uses advanced printing techniques on top quality Sensitive® microfibre that allows fantastic definition of detail and colour.
Combine the Raspberry Essentials Kaftan with your favourite Raspberry Sweets bikini for the perfect beach-ready look!

Jade Leaves

Spring Greens
Jade Leaves is our especially refined, glamorous and opulent series. Here, an innovative golden metal print recreates brush strokes as it is integrated into a stunning jade allover leaf print.
Explore Jade Essentials for additional mix-and-match options.

Bright Meadow

Making every romantic's heart leap for joy

Bright Meadow comes in colourful and summery splashes of pink with jade: delicate painted flowers are created with Aquarelle Technique which applies colours in soft nuances, and subtly indicates the flower's silhouette with black contours.

Mix and match options are a dream come true with Jade Essentials and Raspberry Essentials to choose from.

Nightblue Pearls

Incorporating geometric shapes and structures into our Nightblue Pearls' design adds that special something to the classic dark blue and white colour combination.
Check out our Nightblue Essentials, too - let the mix and matching begin.